Lifestyle Consulting

The Advantages of Lifestyle Therapy

January 19, 2022
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Lifestyle Therapy is an evidence-based approach which focusses on addressing the fundamental habits which may help increase one’s health potential through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

This unique form of therapy draws its philosophy by recognizing that every person is unique and therefore has an individual set of dietary requirements, and lifestyle habits. Because of this philosophy, Lifestyle Therapy works best when it’s employed prophylactically / preventatively.

The Consultation Process

An Initial Consultation involves a one hour assessment where the client will be asked questions related to their diet, health, medical history, and lifestyle. During this process the client will not receive any particular advice until a Follow-Up is scheduled, which will give the health practitioner time to review the information collected and base their recommendations on the assessments performed.

It’s important to note that this consultation process does not encompass the applications of Medical Nutrition Therapy, and only applies towards general lifestyle recommendations.

Assessments Performed

The goal of this assessment is to identify dietary factors which may prove beneficial if altered, this assessment takes a birds eye view towards nutrition and does not identify individual nutrient recommendations.

The goal of this assessment is to identify specific symptoms which may correlate with specific nutrients. This assessment is not designed to diagnose a deficiency, an ailment, a condition, or a disease, nor is it designed to replace medical advice or medical nutrition therapy. Rather, it can alert someone who suffers from frequent symptoms if there exists a possible correlation to a potential nutrient deficiency, based on associated studies.

The goal of this assessment is to identify lifestyle factors which may prove beneficial if altered, including markers involved with: Energy, Stress, Exercise, Immune Health, Cardiovascular Health, and Exposures to Pollution.

Lifestyle Therapy
… and Quebec

Currently speaking, under Quebec law a Naturotherapy Practitioner and Naturopaths share a similar scope of practice, and typically, the same associations.

Because of how lifestyle therapy is viewed in Quebec and because of how the profession is handled, a Naturotherapy Practitioner works with individuals in order to positively affect one’s health and lifestyle, as much as possible.

Practitioners can also work adjunctly alongside Registered Dieticians and/or Medical Doctors by focussing on minimizing symptoms while RDs and MDs focus on the diagnosis and treatment of a developed disease.

Because of this, Naturotherapy Practitioners are considered to be a Complementary or Adjunct within the health care scope. They do not replace Primary Care.

What’s important to keep in mind, when considering to hire a Naturotherapy Practitioner, is to find out if the practitioner in question is registered with a professional association in the province of practice, which recognizes their education, allowing them to practice within the laws of the province.

Antonio Colasurdo

Antonio is a Registered Osteopath with the Association Canadienne des Thérapeutes en Médecines Douces (ACTMD), Board Certified with the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP), and a Fellow of the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC).

Antonio dedicates his time and expertise in helping both men and women decrease acute and chronic pain, improve range of motion and mobility, and helps to increase overall quality of life, as much as possible, at his practice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.